Platonic intimacy

a claustrophobic doesn't need this kind of intimacy.

a claustrophobic would die.

if you take the bus lines and the train line that I ride 5 days a week you would know what I'm talking about.

it's very degrading to compare the scenario to a can of sardines. Yes, it is definitely packed, but unlike the can of sardines, the smell is more sophisticated and uhm diverse. there's sweet, sour, and different kinds of pungent smells (pee, poop, sweat, fart, food, burritos, tacos, dried fish, kabobs, etc).

all shapes colors and sizes are present.

it's not just one kind, there's variety. there are lots and lots of genetic mixes experiencing this kind of intimacy everytime they ride the bus and the train lines that I'm talking about. i mean, i dunno about other bus lines, but the busses and trains that i ride 5 times a week always present something interesting.

see, people share each other's music.

they breathe each other's breaths.

chests and backs rub.

chests and chests rub.

butts and penises.

penises and penises.

butts and vaginas.

vaginas and penises.

butts and faces.

faces and faces.

backs and faces connect.

people are so close yet very distant from each other.

their physical beings share a very shallow layer of tolerated and inevitable intimacy with everybody else.

there are times when one or two would complain, but usually, nobody cares. It's the fucking status quo of their busses and trains. their goal is to reach their respective destinations. fuck the body rubs and the absorption of smells. fuck the noise pollution. people just don't give a fuck because in this type of intimate scenario, everything is platonic.

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