when you imitate and write what lydia davis wrote

When he says, "Go away and don't come back," you are hurt by the words even though you know he doe snot mean what the words say, or rather you think he probably means "Go away" because e is so angry at you he does not want you anywhere near him right now, but you are quite sure he does not want you to stay away, he must want you to come back, either soon or later, depending on how quickly he may grow less angry during the time you are away, how he may remember other less angry feelings he often has for you that may soften his anger now. but though he does mean "Go away." he does not mean it as much as he means the anger that the words have in them, as he also means the anger in the words "don't come back." He means all the anger meant by someone who says such words and means what the words say, that you should not come back, ever, or rather he means most of the anger meant by such a person, for if he meant all the anger he would also mean what the words themselves say, that you should bot come back, ever. But, being angry, if he were merely to say "I'm very angry to you," would not be as hurt as you are, or would not be hurt at all, even though the degree of anger, if it could be measured, might be exactly the same. Or perhaps the degree of anger could not be the same. Or perhaps it could be the same but the anger would have to be of a different kind, a,ind that could be shared as a problem, whereas this kind can be told only in these words he does not mean. So it is not the anger in these words that hurt you but the fact that he chooses to say words to you that mean you should never come back, even though he does not mean what the words say, even though only the words themselves mean what they say.

-Go Away (Collected Stories of Lydia Davis), Lydia Davis

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