about becoming just an option

fuck that.

life is short becoming just one of the options.
you should be the obvious choice.


the truth is

he does not need you and he most definitely does not need your love and romance.
he is just giving you a second chance to live.

nothing more. nothing less.

and you just have to live with that.

set your mind, heart and other stuff ready to sail somewhere else.



something to remember in life

the human heart is fickle
things change, deal with it.
sometimes sudden changes happen. deal with it.
when something that you expect does not happen, fuckin deal with it and don't get butt hurt about it.
the world operates in irony. (most of the time)
and also, take notes so you may remember. 


the L word

how many times have i used it on someone really special to me as in a romantic level kind of special? 
just probably three.
cause i value the motherfuckin word so much that i may have only loved three people so much in my life.

they may or may not deserve it but i don't care anymore.

thing is i am writing this here in this fuckin cyberspace to remind me how i value those words and that it should not and never be used sparingly.


for the record

i may have been the happiest person ever when you returned to my life.

that's it. nothing more, nothing less. 


New Year's Wish for EVERYONE

I wish that you find that ONE person who will truly care for you. Bear with me. I mean this may sound cheesy but life is mix of complicated cheeses anyway. I am writing here again perhaps because I have a surge , no a wave, a fuckin tsunami of emotions at this point.

But anyway, going back to my point I mean wish for everyone: I wish that YOU will eventually meet that one specific person who will make you feel secured, loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Why am I saying this? Just because I feel like everyone deserves to be happy at some point in their lives.
I mean genuine unabashed kind of happiness.

Maybe this is wishful thinking. Maybe.
But I mean, also maybe the universe is listening. So never stop wishing.

And in the meantime, be happy and contented with what you have, whatever you have and whoever it is around you.

Make it work for you.





i still believe that if you want something to happen,
you can make it happen.

if it's important to you, you will make a way and find more reasons to fight instead of making more and more excuses to not make things happen.

never allow anyone to make you feel unimpotant again. ever.



besides, a little bit of pain keeps you awake and aware that at least you still feel something
because feeling is being human
well at least part of it
it validates you have emotions
that you are a multidimensional being
capable of doing

yo no necesito usted




street corners

i think i live in a part of town where something that can be classified as criminal happens every ten minutes.
i kid you not. sirens, choppers, gunshots, crashing cars and screams compose the soundtrack of my neighborhood.

if you will be keen enough to notice, our block was given a special treatment by the authorities.
while the rest of the street are illuminated with the same yellow pale light, our block have brand new spankin' fluorescent bright day lights.

also, my room's window are adjacent to the street corner full of whores.
each night at least three whores would create a scene outside.

the street is called hart.



so the tremor happened the moment i downed my soup
and my insides swim with the spicy seasoned water polluted with hydrogenized noodles
then i almost drown as the spicy soup goes down the drain
of my stomach washing the walls
of my intestines
and the doors of
the poophole
and then there was light and well darkness because things have collapsed
billowing rubble occupied the streets and your body is camouflaged somewhere
beneath or on top or sandwiched other bodies
salvaged, rotten, ailing, fresh, alive, warm and cold
all barfing noodles out of their pores.



i find it strange
to watch you
you being
reduced and/ or
by one or two
syllable words
that you used to


in and out

when you find yourself sorrounded by
in the smog filled
city of

there will be
when you just
want to
have your soul



and let
the earth
and the elements

and perhaps the universe

devour it

to the tiniest bit of atom
and then
the energy back



only if

you can read this
then you can own it
but you see, this may or may not be for you
because this message is an expression
of gratitude
to that who pursues and makes
the stars seem more alive and brighter
with passion and positive


remember when we rode the roller coaster together?
that's when i lost my key to your house.


quoting zafra on may 17th

It is foolish to surrender and foolish to resist. You know it will not last. No matter how happy you are there is always a tinge of sadness—you are already looking at yourself from the future, when you are older and wiser and it is over. 
excerpt from here  
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