dude, you’re not the tits, bro.
the stench of your arrogance reeks from every tiny hole of your body it makes me puke so hard.
dude, your sense of denial makes me sick.
i mean, fuck labels. you know i hate labels. but what you did is just so beyond my wits.

you did not only mock me and all the other people you consider under your classification of “people like you” but you also mocked and excluded your partner.
where does this sense of loathing come from, man?
i mean i really don’t give a fuck if you still live like a hermit sheltered under the pretenses of your “straight” persona but come on dude, you don’t just release that air of exclusivity and arrogance to the world and act as if you’re the only son of god.

man, it’s fucking disturbing you know.

“people like you!”

oh yeah. you are in a relationship right now with a person like me. so what do you call your self?

where the fuck is this exclusive club of yours?

man, if it’s a big joke then this should be your last joke ever because you suck.
dude, bro, let’s admit it, you and i both know that you do.

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