Wow Me

This guest post from Lewis Beck

I absolutely love going to the movies. I have to do it at least once a month. I will set my ADT alarm systems , and head to the theatre. I'd like to do it more than that but time simply does not permit and neither does the funds in my wallet. It's expensive to go to the movies and as a result I like to research the film I plan to see before I spend the dough on it. I usually wait until the week after the movie has come out in theaters. This means the crowds wont be nearly as fierce when I go and I will have plenty of time to use the internet to look up reviews.

If a movie looks good and has good reviews the odds are I will go and see it. I am a very big fan of action movies and I love to know what I'm getting myself into before I head to the theater. I cannot stand to sit through two hours of awful action scenes where the plot makes absolutely no sense. Using multiple rating websites allows you to get various points of views about the film. When the ratings seem to change from site to site I usually wait until the movie comes out on video to see it. I'm not wasting my hard earned money unless I'm going to be wow'd.

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