nomad is an island, unless you’re in the kitchen

moving here and there, moving all the time- devs told me that he can't even recall how many times they moved from one place to another since he was born. “what the pack!” he would always say. packing and unpacking, repacking and unpacking- it's a never ending cycle for him and his family.

from varying countries across the globe to multitudes of cities across lands of diverse cultures, devs and his family eventually perfected the art of quickly adapting to their environment.

the inevitable consequences of frequent backpacking taught devs and his family to be wise. they learned how to effectively sort things out from the essentials to the ones that they can leave behind. i call them the contemporary backpacker family who is highly accustomed into the dynamic adjustments brought by frequent moving, leaving, arriving and packing. they were like individuals who work under the principle of george clooney’s character in the movie up in the air.

yes, they carry only what they need but there are exceptions. in those times when work or something else calls them to settle on a place for more than six months, they knew that they just have to buy new stuff. luckily, there's ikea. in most places that they’ve been, devs told me that ikea proved to be of great help.

devs related to me his satisfied feelings of seeing a room built and arranged in a certain peaceful way. he told me about the fully equipped kitchen that they once had. “never mind all the other parts of the house; the kitchen has to be the best” he said.

he showed me this website: and told me how happy they are with the quality of items that they carry. in fact, most of their tablewaredrinkware, serveware, silverware and linens came from his mom and dad were so proud and satisfied with their kitchen items that they even invited me to their place so that i can see experience it myself before they set off to another journey filled with packing and unpacking.

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