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when twin v, a dear friend, moved to the state of texas with her family just a year ago, i can still remember how she related to me her initial difficulties in getting around the works of the second largest state in the united states of america. since her mom and dad work on marketing and sales, they kept moving from city to city, adjusting their lifestyle and looking for quick ways to navigate their way around with the help of the internet.

it is still crystal clear to me how we spend those evenings on the phone to scour various web pages for reliable and specific listings of services, institutions, places, and other information that is city specific. google is reliable, but not specific enough. through our hours and hours of browsing, we came across this website- and learned that we can conduct city-specific searches from their comprehensive website with links that can take you almost anywhere you wanted to go.

thanks to this goldmine of listings, v and her family are able to get much of the information they needed in the cities of dallas, austin, and houston.

from dining, to professional services to shopping, to transportation, to fitness, to auto, to anything in between, v and her family were able to find most of the things that they were searching. indeed, for dallas, austin and houston helped them a lot. now i know where to look for some reliable listings whenever i visit any city in the states. according to v, travelling and navigating your way around a new city has never been this easy so big clap and props to the website.

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