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is this a parody to the status quo of the university of the philippines education system?

(click on the image to view the larger version)

this is a copy of the flyer allegedly distributed by trace college in los baños, laguna,

saying that their institution is the “private up (university of the philippines)” and is also the sister school of up los baños.

i got this copy posted from one of my contacts at

though i am a bit skeptic about the validity of this flyer, i still find it funny and disturbing.


** as much as i wanted to provide a decent link to any website of reference to trace college, i cannot. i've rummaged the search engines but there appears to be no solid trace of the college's official website in the internet.


Kris Canimo said...

nakakatuwa naman yan. baka naman kelangan ding upcat passers ang papasok diyan. lol.

napakadesperate move naman nian. pero who knows... totoo?

desperateblogger said...

aba my sister pala UPLB or for that matter UP!. LOL
anyway, huwag mo na pag aksayahan panahon yan. wala naman maniniwala e

bulitas said...

@kris: malay ko kung totoo. pero kinakalat daw nila yan. hahaha. gudlak sa upcat para makapag trace. haha

@desperate blogger: yeah. nakakatawa lang kasi.lols. parang napaka pathetic na move for publicity

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