the weather report

today is supposed to be a warm and sunny california.

no jackets needed. everything is supposed to be yellow, sunny and happy.

the fog embraces me and the fog greets me as i emerge from the downtown subway station.

the sky is desaturated, birds take refuge on street pavements and people wearing jackets all appear to walk in slow motion. the wind of spring filled with the spirit of winter bites the uncovered skin and sends a chill of fear to the veins of the legs, the arms and up to the spine.

the winter air of the past creeps fast deep inside the ribcage to reach the seemingly secured heart that beats in between intervals of short breaths.

today the biggest boss is supposed to be in new york.

the weather report lies.


please do grab a copy of the maiden issue of images-asia magazine in your favorite magazine stands soon.

super thanks to sir ernest gonzaga for giving me the opportunity to be part of the publication.

visit the website


Anonymous said...

pati pala dyan nagkakamali din kala ko pag asa lang.. :D

Anonymous said...

wow...images-asia...a-s-t-i-g!!! kudos. keep flying high. :D

sabagay mga bosing talaga nakasira ng araw haha. buti na lang ako 2 weeks walang bosing starting sunday. gudlak...

Tinggay said...

These days, tsamba tsamba na ang weather report.
PAG-ASA did not even anticipate that storm last year that came in and turned back!

bulitas said...

@ferbert: wala na atang reliable weather report ngaun

@tagabukid: salamats sir! good for you ala kang bossing! hehe

@piebuko: yeah. ala sita na ang weather. unpredictable na talaga

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Is it a photography mag?

Anonymous said...

biggest boss?

si pope benedict xvi ba ito?


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