bland weekend chopseuy

for two consecutive weekends, my plans of visiting the zoo have been suspended.

first, because no one wants to come with me; second, because i always tend to oversleep on weekends. my father and my sister claim that the zoo is boring, that every other zoo in the world is generally the same. i disagree. various zoos offer different experiences. for some reason i know that living creatures in the zoo have always a new story to tell.

there will always be something new about the lion’s roar, and the tiger’s growl. there will always be a new trick for the monkeys to show. there will always be a new breed of creature, or species of plants or animals that will share its story.

it was years ago since i last set foot on a zoo. the last zoo i’ve seen was malabon zoo in the philippines, and there i saw hungry, lonely and gloomy animals perfect for an emo flick with an all-animal cast.

i wish someone would want to go with me to the zoo.


i wonder what difference will it make to marry the daughter of a hardcore gambling lord in the philippines. “the girl is pretty, at your age, and she is rich”, says my father.

you should have met her.

i am swimming in thoughts and daydreams at the bath tub when my father called my phone. i know he will most probably ask me to befriend this girl to establish a romantic connection with her, so i ignored the call and continue bathing myself with the weekend’s daydreams.


Anonymous said...

ako din. matagal tagal ng di nakakabisita sa zoo. haha.

Anonymous said...

tara sama ako...hehehe

Tinggay said...

ako sama din!

bulitas said...

sa inyong lahat: taraaaaaaa!

pen said...

sama ako.
hindi pa ako nakapunta sa malabon zoo. hays..isang matagal nang pangarap..

gusto ko ng unggoy ung chimp..gusto ko ng tiger na white..gusto ko ng pagong.. haay ayan na ang mahabang litanya ng gusto kong mga miyembro ng kingdom animalia..

tara tena sa isang zoo trip :D

dumaan, nakibasa at nakicomment

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