BREAK: Kumusta naman ito?

So kumusta ang repression sa bansang Pilipinas?

(the following are the text messages i received a while ago after our class.)

gloria already declared a state of emergency. bawal na mag-rally. marami ang hinuhuli dahil dun. this only proves the facism of gma. patalsikin ang pekeng pangulo.
pls pass.

nagdeclare na po ng state of emergency c gloria aroyo. proclamation 1017. bawal na mag-rally at pwede na ang warantless arrest. maging mapagmatyag. maging handa sa partisipasyon ng mga estudyante.

Philippines president declares state of emergency amid report of coup plot

MANILA, Philippines The president of the Philippines has declared a state of emergency as she struggles against a reported coup plot and opposition efforts to bring down her government.

The announcement by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (mah-kuh-puh-GAHL' uh-ROY'-oh) came after the military said a general had been arrested in connection with a coup plot.

Meantime, Filipinos have been defying a ban on rallying at a shrine of the 1986 "people power" revolt that ousted Ferdinand Marcos. Clashes erupted as police tried to disperse the protesters.

Arroyo says her action is the result of ongoing efforts by the political opposition to bring down the elected government. She's survived two coup attempts.

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lojika said...

nababaliw na talaga si gloria! she really needs a break!

Anonymous said...

sayang wala ako sa pinas gusto ko sanang magrally tsk tsk tsk tsk!!!

ie said...

weird no? and i thought she was better than erap. and beware, beware. martial law is just around the corner. :)

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