ten twenty

    many opressed and repressed people still find the streets a suitable place to voice out their opinions.

i practically learn more things and ideologies outside the 4 corners of our classroom.
    most filipinos are still apathetic. we only make a stand and act when we are directly affected by the incidents in this country.

most people are numb of the drama of life. I mean, for instance, the death of a UPLB student due to hazing was easily forgotten after a few days. don't you find it alarming?
    the sad thing about that is that thousands of people are loathing those people in rallies, saying that they are too tired of rallies, that they are already fed up with demonstrations, but they themselves haven't experienced a rally. so what's the fuss about?

almost twenty years has passed nad i haven't had a real talk with my family.
    the population of lawyers is steadily increasing in this country. the irony is that millions of people do not know the law, particularly their rights.

i've been engaged in the world of debating and discourse since high school, and yet i haven't made enough actions based on our assessment of issues.
    human rights is not respected by most of us, wich explains the high rate of human rights violations in this country; do we really know our rights?

the university study contributed a lot on my assertive personality.
    malls are now almost everywhere like capitalist mushrooms. they even outnumber schools and hospitals in this country!

on the nearly twenty years course of my life, i find malls as the provider of hopes for the people, whether they are false or genuine.
    the philippine political culture is just so pop! most of the people in the society still consider their politicians as santa clauses. that is if their wishes were not readiliy granted, they react violently and throw rocks and curses on their leaders.

before i entered college, i told myself not to engage in any form of politics. but it appears as if politics is in my system. i am again running for a poisition in the student council.
    the philippine economy is hiding behind the shroud of OFW remittances so as to appear stable amidst the looming crisis and condition of the society.

for almost 20 years, our family survived of a monthly 10,000Php allowance/budget from my mom. of course, we also did our small parts on raising money for our other expenses.
    education in this country is fast becoming a commodity. our state representatives and legislators seem to forget that quality education should be free, if not, accessible to all.

for 14 years in school, i can say that i have not performed that well. i know i could have done better for my parents but i didn't. i felt guilty for wasting the efforts and money of my parents.
    twenty years has passed since the EDSA revolution, and yet we never learned from our actions,: past, present and future plans. it appears as if we forgot the power of the people, our sovereignity, our dignity and strength as a nation.

i have experienced almost 20 years of life in this country, and yet i have not been that productive.


Anonymous said...

u hit it man!

jay-p said...

It just shows how conflicting our culture is. They just can't make up their minds.

I am not sure whewther this country is a mobocracy or a bureaucracy.

News in this country is like fad. They always forget. A few weeks ago Wowowee, then Coup attempts (recurring), then tragedy at Leyte for sure there will be something else tomorrow.

I hate it sometimes that i turn a deaf ear to all these issues. I can't deal with it sometimes, it is tiring. I just wish that Filipinos can make up their minds and do some action... and be really consistent about it.

Talamasca said...

Alarming facts. What's new??? Duh... Love this entry. Analysis? Eye-opening.

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