i've been hanging out inside my head recently.

at the moment, it seems like a safe, comfortable haven to nurture whatever thoughts i brew and pour and swim in and out around the lake of my imaginations.

i know the universe is telling me something major when it is dropping apparent signs here and there that some things are meant to go and that new things are coming.

for instance, i lost my daily planner containing well, my plans for this year. i also lost 3 years' worth of digital files of my work. it's like having data miscarriage twice. both feels very different but same in many levels pertaining to loss.

in any case, i am highly thankful to some things that gives me positive energy and feelings. things like a nice, sweet baklava desert, text and voice messages, stories, movies, music, singing, drawing, reading, writing and doing art.

inside my head you can peek into my plans of traveling the world and just enjoying what life have to offer. inside, you can also see visions of my fulfilled dreams, my vogue covers, my six houses, and my hand holding whoever that special person's hand as we sit quiet and content watching the flickering lights of the eiffel tower in paris.

i've learned throughout this course of my life that it is more fun to let go and just go with the flow.

it's like bunjee jumping off a cliff or riding the world's fastest and tallest roller-coaster with life-affirming passion paired with the freedom of reckless abandon.

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