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sensing disappointments disguised in various forms is one of the most daunting acts a person can experience.

each scenario puts me in a unique dark cave where i get to reflect on the levels of failures and acts that contributed to the disappointment scenario. who effin wants to see, hear, feel and even detect disappointment? i don’t.

you see, sometimes even though you don’t intend tom you still disappoint people.
you disappoint people if you fail to meet their expectations.
you disappoint people if you fail to respond to their needs.
you disappoint people if you don’t have money.
you disappoint people if you failed to hear.
you disappoint people if you do something that is against their paradigm of wants and needs.
oh fuckin disappointments.

it sucks especially if you sense that you disappointed your loved ones.

i mean you can always find a solution to the dilemmas involved to seemingly counter the disappointment but it’s still there.

see, sensing disappointments put me in a cave deep down in an abyss somewhere.

a few people have told me that i am a big pleaser. i tend to please everyone around me but truth is, i just can’t. there’s this insatiable human desire to expect and yearn for various things, feelings, etc from external forces in the universe and as of this date, i do not know any individual who possesses the power to satisfy that.

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