someone chews and licks a stick of pasta like a lollipop.

a lady wearing different shades of black enters the room and raped everyone else's sense of smell quietly.

there's a poster that says "new exciting careers but the male model doesn't look excited at all. casting is really essential. i should take a note of that.

an old lady took a collection of newspaper and magazine cut-outs with crossword puzzles in it. she must like solving puzzles in the morning. that sounds like a good idea. i should get a puzzle app soon. it may help solve the puzzles of my life.

someone boarded and overpowered the raping smell of the girl wearing different shades of black. this guy, although also wearing blacks from diffrent families, smells of pot.

listening to my blueberry nights soundtrack in the morning makes me super lethargic. not a good idea at all. my brain and my body just wants to relax, sleep and leave all my fckin worries behind.

on the other hand that someone who chews and licks a stick of pasta like a lollipop has finished his stick.

i bet it isn't as bad as the guy being yelled at and being shoved out of the bus by the driver.

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