this morning, i was breakfast to a supermassive black hole classified as pa-x2.

i can’t see any walls inside but i assure you that it bounces off echoes of voices shouting about success and how i cannot achieve it unless i remove a huge paper blocking the bigger picture. it sounds so vague yet so sure about its message. i get it, but being sucked inside this seemingly never ending void only makes things worse. this place, this specific state, rubs all of the taken for granted obvious things to your face- hard!

it’s starts with a very light scratch to the first layers of your skin, then it invades each pore with tiny spikes containing even tinier thin silver hairs that bores even deeper to the skin, connecting to the network of veins and nerves that reaches far to the tiniest neurons in your head.

the black hole will consume you if you allow it. i mean, it’s pretty fucking dark inside. it’s a dreary place. this is one of those places where you see holograms of yourself doing batshit crazy things like leading an underground adventure crossing the cement pipes from a part of town to another with your friends, to an almost orgy in front of a religious altar when you were just 11 years old, to witnessing all of the horrible photos of you taken by other people in a random slideshow.

occasionally, it howls at you and tells you the things that you should be doing, reminding you of things that you know you should do but haven’t done otherwise.

seriously though, this black whole will try to seep deep down through you and penetrate you to make you feel bad about yourself. i think it is nourished by globs of vitamins called guilt and fear.

but who says you can’t get out of a black hole?

stephen hawking claims otherwise.

if my memory serves me right, i remember watching a docu about him and his theories on how you could possibly escape a black hole.

maybe i should read stephen hawking next.

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