fresh and uneasy

there seems to be a fresh bunch of people riding the line 901.

there’s an asian guy in a white tank top wearing a huge black backpack. there’s a hispanic guy in a green polo shirt over a white shirt texting on his gold and crystals covered iphone, there’s also this blonde asian lady sitting beside me playing blackjack on her ipad, there is this african-american guy wearing an oversized vertical striped button downs who cusses a lot. close to him is the tiny lil lady wearing what seems like a pomelo dress. clustered by the door are the sweat-scented students in white shirt and khaki pants. sitting in front of me is the fat lady sporting a dry, golden colored hair. behind the driver sits an old jewish man whose hair is as gray as the fading sky. a rounded bouncer looking guy wearing sunglasses blocks the midsection of the bus like the the bearded guy wearing a helmet holding the pole close to the door. there are some other people that i can't see but still believe they're new.

got a text from my sister:

“why are you taking detours? go straight to your destination.

oh. i am at my stop now.

this is new.

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