random hits

i almost punched a small, old, stinkin' stocky white man in the face.

i am walking a lil bit faster, trying to overtake slow people in order to catch my train.

when i saw an opening amidst the sea of slow walkers, i immediately seized the opportunity, walk through it and then bam! this stinkyuglyoldmotherfucker slammed me into the metal fence.

in split seconds, my brain retaliated hundreds of blazing hot curses and wtfs but my lips held them all back.

i can't fight back yet. there's a huge legal sized paper wrapping my body.

i moved forward. my goal is to ride the train anyway. i am not on the mood to argue with rude people on the street.

i think a bone on my right hand got crushed. oh well. shit happens.

notes to self:

how many times will you tell yourself that you wouldn't allow people to hurt you?

what if it's inevitable? what if you let all your guard down, take all your shields off and then they still hurt you in one way or another? how are you gonna deal with that?

lesson learned: never ever be near a metal fence anymore.

another lesson learned, move faster and remove the paper block in your face asap.

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