go out against burn out

since winter season is starting to blanket the globe fast with its cold fingers, maria hunya puttanesca, dotsie, hilda garde, ilia, moka, and anna b., all convened to plan one last hurrah to find resorts in myrtle beach to unwind and to feel the last kick of the warm weather.

maria hunya puttanesca volunteered to book the finest myrtle beach hotel that she can score at she boasted how she was able to find great deals on the easy to navigate and easy to use website.

pre-christmas holiday months have always been the busy months for all of us. burn out galore in all angles and areas of our physically and mentally labored bodies. i am still an all around slave at the warehouse. maria hunya puttanesca has been juggling tasks with her international clients. dotsie on the otherhand, is refining her chinglish sports-related store, hilda garde is dancing with acads and the sweet stings of love, moka is busy in and out of the television, and anna b has been really busy with her mad scientific skills together with her kids-teaching job.
so when maria hunya puttanesca calls for a reunion, everyone immediately said yes.

myrtle beach, here we come again!

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