physical credibility

over lunch, i found jomela and erald debating about how high fashion scrubs can increase their credibility as nurses and medical practitioners. for jomela, a clean, generic uniform is not enough. a person in mission also has to possess the looks and the commanding presence of respect via his/her physical appearance. on the other hand, for erald, simple dental hygiene scrubs will do if you perform at your best. high fashion and expensive scrubs are irrelevant to erald as long as you deliver your best at your job.

the debate went on the whole afternoon even after they returned to their posts.

as a friend, i acted as their mediator, suggesting that maybe they could meet somewhere in the middle. i told them about fashion seal medical scrubs and how their products have fused fashion, comfort, style, and affordability to suit the needs of their customers.

they do have a point. physical appearance can indeed make you look more credible as a medical practitioner, but if your performance sucks, then your fa├žade of credibility will crumble in seconds. you have to back up your physical appearance with the right actions and a solid performance.

being fashionable even in the medical field is never a sin as long as you can deliver your job with flying colors.

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