kitchen of metaphors

the butcher block of hearts, the adirondack chairs that comfort the restless, and the utility sinks that cleanses the souls, are just some of metaphors used in random by the group of writers and literary enthusiasts at melinda’s newly furnished kitchen.

melinda’s kitchen looks like it just came out form a magazine catalog of ikea, only much better. it is spacious enough to gather three groups of starving students and academicians. the color palette used around the area soothes the senses while it enhances the mood to cook and to eat. the light fixtures, the appliances, and the furniture all complimented the total ambience of serenity and peace at the kitchen.

as for the group of writers, their exposure to the newly furnished kitchen of melinda during her week-long house warming activity is feast. there is a fiesta of metaphors all around the area- from the appliances, to the furniture, to the foods, to the cooking methods, to the people, up to the stories that they weave together.

the butcher block, the adirondack chairs, the utility sinks, the 3 door fridge, the huge island, the lcd monitors, the internet access, the ice cream maker, the chinas, the porcelains, the silvers, and all the other items around the new kitchen provides the group of creative minds a cavalcade of subjects for their recreational writing exercises.

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