tile we meet again

dear master engineer friend who just purchased his own house has long been asking me regarding tiles. would believe me if i tell you that 85 percent of our daily conversations vary from bathroom tiles to subway tiles? the dude is just overly excited in prepping up and pimping his new house before his big day that he has grown obsessive compulsive over each and every tiny detail on the project.

together with his mom and dad, they scanned stores for days for the perfect display of tiles that they could possibly use at home. days and weeks have passed but luck was evasive. master engineer friend together with the parents still can’t find the perfect place to browse through a wide collection of tiles until i referred them to the glass tiles store website.

yes, you’re right. site is perfect and is just what this family might be looking for. aside from the fact that they can browse and look for multitude of designs at their own comforts, they also loved the site for its easy navigation and user friendly interface.

after a few days, master engineer friend informed me about their choices. he asked for my opinion and we gladly exchanged ideas about the designs and their appropriate placements in his new house. now, e is still busy customizing parts of his house. indeed, i am excited to see all those new tiles the next time i visit his house a few months from now.

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