the night i drank vampire blood and thought of rehab

tonight, i realized how drug treatment of a person being put on a drug rehab can actually be helpful. rehabilitation centers provide alternative avenues for people who may have been intoxicated from the excesses of their own universe of drugs, alcohol, drama, and what have you.

take for instance alcohol treatment conducted on any alcohol treatment center where alcohol dependents may find hope or even some sense of direction upon going to alcohol rehab. these realizations dawned into me as i watched jailbird lilo together with other hollywood celebs' addictions and rehab stories on tv. most of them may have looked like a wreck but studies showed that spending some time in rehab provided them some help and some sort of salvation from theri addictions.

there are some people i know who have been drawn deep into the spells of drug and alcohol addiction. most of them had their lives on the verge of chaos and demise, but rehab (for some of them) have done wonders and have changed their lives gradually.

this is the night when thoughts of rehab pop in my mind randomly as if reminding me to take a break from my thinking and overacting addictions.

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