CSI Las Vegas Reruns are a Favorite Afternoon Program

Contributed by Cameron Hodge

I have always been a fan of the many CSI television shows ever since the program first appeared ten years ago. It is most likely a scientific background that sparked the interest. Each show creates a police mystery always solved at the end. It is a fascinating program with a perception of the capabilities of science. It would be nice if true criminal investigations were as easily solved. However, the early shows were the best with the team led by bug-loving Gil Grissom. Fortunately, the older shows are still on satellite TV from during most afternoons.

The story always begins an interesting mysterious death causing a homicide investigation. The first on the scene is the capable CSI team. They show considerable patience, as each piece of evidence is marked, labeled and collected. Then the program moves into the lab where all the evidence is evaluated. Computer Geeks could enjoy the computer-simulated identification of fingerprints as pictures of suspects appear on the screen. My preference is the DNA evidence. I always recognize the machine shown in the back, used for DNA fingerprinting.

The program is a view into the world of science and one that I enjoy. However, it is not always for the faint-of-heart. The examination of the body is sometimes a little grizzly. It is, however, a fun program to watch.

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