shari's day

weeks passed and i still can’t sleep.
will you curse me and brand me as selfish should i wish for sleep?

do all dead people possess the godly privilege to be omnipresent and all knowing? like they have the chance and the ability to see the past, present or even the future of all the other people involved in their lives? do ghosts have the power to be anywhere they wish or is the realm of the afterlife also territorial? if that's the case, then there’s another reason for me to fear the dead

happy beerday ron and shari (wherever you are)


Marlo said...

I always see this girl modeling in your shots ever since. Is she Shari? Hope all's good idol!

bulitas said...

hi marlo! salamat sa pagbisita!

she's my favorite most available model lately. hehe.

she's not shari though.


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