self rank # 2

when dmitri informed me of his multiple sclerosis symptoms a week ago, the shock that was supposed to overcome me was instantly replaced with pity. dmitri is a good fellow who, despite his physical problems and ailments, never fails to help all the other people around him in as much as he can.

silly me, i should have known long ago that he was doing multiple sclerosis diet for months while posing as a normal person trying his best to attend to other people’s needs. half of the day dmitri works as a nurse. on the other half, he acts as his friends’ counselor, advisor, and somewhat a big time life fixer. he is a people person whose innate ability to make other people feel better has made him popular among his social peers. he will even put other people first before attending to his personal needs.

as a friend for years, i should be pushing him to do his multiple sclerosis exercises more often. thinking and helping other people is always good but somewhere along the line, he should learn the art of moderation and think of his priorities. he should be thinking more about himself and how he could at least alleviate his present physical condition. in doing so, he could perform better and he will be able to perform better in helping all the other people around him in the future.

i pity the guy because he rarely have time to fix himself as he immerse himself in helping other people. i told my friends that we should be forming some sort of a support group and give dmitri whatever help that we can in return to all the help and advices that we got from him.

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