Planning A Birthday Party Online

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Planning a birthday party is no easy task. When my daughter turned 16 this month I wanted her to have a really special birthday so I started planning her party about four months ago. I was glad I had hughes net satellite internet because of all the time and money it ended up saving me. The first thing I did when I started planning was to just browse different websites with satellite internet in Montana for ideas. My sister also sent over some websites she found with her hughes satellite in Wyoming. I'd type in ideas for birthday parties for teenagers and also tried to find some online stores that specialized in parties. My daughter is quite a tomboy and her first loves in life are her basketball and her teammates so I knew that had to be part of the theme. I also figured since she was turning 16, I needed to make the theme a little more mature than the typical juvenile basketball party. I found contact information for a former graduate from my daughter's school who went on to play college basketball and was able to get in touch with her to come be a guest at my daughter's party. I love online phone books! I even found cake decorators online. I also got on and to get gift ideas and find party favors I needed. There was even an online gift wish registry. It's hard to believe my baby girl is turning 16. I just hope she has a wonderful time at her party!

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