more weekend east coast adventures

as if the world is gonna end anytime soon after our planned beach adventures, maria hunya puttanesca, the perpetrator of all extracurricular activities among our friends, suggested a detour to chicago and new jersey to visit her cousins and relatives there. she convinced our group in a heartbeat. she possess mulawin powers like that.

while planning our next beach activities, maria hunya puttanesca shared with us some of our itineraries. she said we’ll make a stop at holmdel, township, new jersey. while we’re there, she will take us down to the pnc bank center. tita ethel, the richest girl among our peers, said that she will shoulder all the pnc bank center tickets as a treat for all of us.

next stop, we will take a drive to east rutherford, new jersey to get new meadowlands stadium tickets to watch some hardcore football action. dotsie, our hardcore golfer really loves balls. trust me, she went gaga when she learned that we’ll be watching football at the stadium.

meanwhile, hilda, the acting mother dear of our group suggested that we stop by chicago theatre, formerly known as the balaban and katz chicago theatre in illinois for some dose of jackson browne and joe satriani entertainment. since our new meadowlands tickets are shouldered by sportsgirl dotsie, monica decided that she’ll handle all the chicago theatre tickets. she loves theatre as well as theatre architecture very much that going to the chicago theatre will be like a dream come true for her.

ilia suggested we stop by new york for some dose of broadway but we still have to debate about that. now you see how filled my weekend schedule will be? that’s what you get for having great friends who loves to travel and would definitely never leave you in times of trouble.

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