why so serious?

the new header features one of the greatest icons of irony-the joker; the man who painted a permanent smile on his face. the man who created a facade that will forever bring in front joy and happiness while concealing the dynamics of his actual emotions.

i took this shot somewhere along the streets of hollywood and highland. featured joker is a street performer dressed as the late heath ledger joker from the dark knight. this image will haunt this blog for now.

perfect placement, perfect timing.


Unknown said...

I say, aren't we a little prolific with the output?

Looks like when you have something to write about, you'll go on ahead and just go for it. Your muse can be any of the nine, but it seems to me Melpomene is doing the driving.

Cheers Bulitas!

bulitas said...


i am secretly hoping that it's erato though. LOL

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