the day when an anonymous cyber creature left a comment on this blog saying that s/he’s been held in prison by some russian mafia

home workout done. cooked a couple of huge german frankfurters in butter. helped dad with the laundry. saw terry gilliam’s the brothers grimm. enjoyed the visuals as well as matt damon and heath ledger’s performance. i told dad about ledger’s resemblance with joseph gordon-levitt. he thought ledger was johnny depp. although in the film, ledger’s character, jacob grimm acts like captain jack sparrow in some scenes. i enjoyed the film despite the rants of the critics against it. i am no critic anyway. i like how gilliam explored the realm and the themes of the grimm brothers fairy tales. monica bellucci is still pretty as fuck. signs of death plague my nearly 3 years old gateway laptop. i listened to michael buble to quiet the seemingly perpetual voices in my head. fapping came to mind but punches of fatigue made me abort the plan. must sleep. might find answers and peace beneath the abyss of my subconscious.

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