another grand weekend at the beach

with the suggestion of maria hunya puttanesca, i gathered my friends once again to hit the net for some myrtle beach vacation deals. better book a sweet myrtle beach hotel fast. cherville, hunya’s officemate who overheard us, suggested a website, but maria hunya puttanesca shoved him and said we try instead.

the lady has been fond of myrtle beach shores and resorts since her birthday party engrande celebration in there months ago. “it’s such a fun and relaxing experience” she would always rave whenever we hold our weekly coffee meet-ups with some of our friends. dotsie also loved how she played hardcore golf rounds wild hilda and ilia that’s why she instantly became ecstatic when she learned about our plans.

since the marine layer has long been shrouding the skies of this supposed to be summer city, all of us thought that going south-east will be a great idea to kick off the remaining days of summer. “life is short, so let’s party and vacation galore till we can!” moka exclaimed after i explained to her the details and plans of our going back to myrtle escapade in the coming weekend.

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