mailbox of surprises

just yesterday, it dawned to me how people should never take for granted their mailboxes. each mail box delivers a surprise every time the owner checks it for new deliveries. mail boxes of each residential or any commercial area should be secured, durable and must be able to perform its duty of housing your packages, mail or whatever deliveries you have until you retrieve it.

our mailbox at home is a mid-sized white box that has served our family for years. it has toiled the harshest of weather, it has survived the grimiest dirt, and have endures hundreds of hands that handled it for countless times.

from the mailbox, we received our high school and college entrance exam results from the prestigious schools that we’ve applied to. from our mailbox, i always look forward to receive old school snail mails from my lover. from the mailbox, i got the notification letter of being one of the chosen few to represent the school in a competition. from our mailbox, we got postcards from our friends around the globe, from our mailbox we receive the functional and defective items we ordered from the internet. from our mailbox, we get some disappointments and some surprises.

since our trusty mailbox is now showing signs of wear and tear, most probably because of the burdens of time and the elements of nature, our family thought of replacing it with a new and better one.

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