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succumbing to the deviant spirit in me, i veered away from the hardcore party people in the crowd and inched my way inside the circle of the somehow serious people who seems to enjoy chilling on a corner, talking about what have you in their lives. their circle consists of young professionals, college undergraduates, grad school students, bachelors and bachelorettes who may appear relaxed but seems to find some pleasure in talking about their finances. not my cup of tea but i have the gut feeling that it will be worth my time.

after minutes of introductions, smiles, and a few round of drinks, everyone eased out and started to discuss topics about personal loans, payday loans, payday advances, and cash advances. each has their own issues and dilemmas regarding money lending and other money generating activities. over a couple more rounds of drinks the group discussed the ins and outs of money lending in relation to the looming state of the economy.

roola, one of the grad school students from the bunch with a curtain of healthy fringes covering her forehead, talks about moneynowusa- a multiple lender payday loan search engine that searches over 150 lenders for your largest payday loan amount with the lowest apr.

amy, who has also tried the website, stated that 4 out of 5 applicants are approved for a payday loan through because of this, your qualms regarding your personal loan, your payday loan, your payday advance or your cash advance can achieve a sense of peace.

roola and amy stated that you must be a us citizen over the age of eighteen, must be currently employed, and have an active or open checking and savings account to qualify for a payday advance from moneynowusa.

according to them, moneynowusa is a trustworthy and safe site that encrypts all your private and personal data real time to better protect your identity.

as the moon waxes itself out, the worries about money slowly evaporated as talks solutions soon emerge from the circle. some useful tips also came out from the group that may prove to be useful for anyone who plans to apply for loan. according to the group, it is a must to remember to only use payday loans in case of emergency. one must also take caution to apply and only take one payday loan at a time and you must also be sure that you can pay it back on time. following this, while doing your other money making activities can sure take your money worries off.

after party, the group concluded that money is not the only thing worth pursuing in this world. after all, money is not the end all and be all of life. what one must do is to be smart in dealing with their finances and if possible, exhaust all possible means to shake off any money problems.

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