defamilarizing the familiar

dear anne,

although each is entitled for individual identity, characteristic and classification, the mammary glands also do possess general characteristics that is similar to all other females in this earth. although the size, the color, the texture, the shape and the volume may differ in many levels, its anatomy is still the same with most female breasts all around the planet, and it makes most of us familiar with how breasts look.

from our mother who nurtured us with her ever nutritious breast milk, to our elementary science classes, to highschool biology, to college anatomy, and continuous personal experiences and encounters, we are able to develop a general familiar imagery of the female mammaria in our heads.

therefore, the seemingly epic bra slip tragedy issue is actually a peek at something familiar that is defamiliarized and made sensational by your celebrity status and the reactions that you released to the public. you could’ve handled the situation with more grace, but you succumbed to your emotions that may have dominated you for some time.

tears will never cover up what has been unfolded to the eyes of the public. you are a public figure who has power and also limitations. you can influence your audience but you cannot control their decisions and the technology that they handle.

what you can do as a public figure is to make the special familiar. you could just ignore the past event or you can use it to raise social awareness regarding breast cancer or women’s rights. i am not really sure about the latter, but you can do something like that. your call.

i wish you all the best. you are still my crush whatever happens. your natalie portman features never fail to make me like you more.

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