the importance of school lockers according to archie

lockers are aliens from where archie came from. the previous institution that housed him for a couple of years have halls devoid of school lockers. there is a dingy gym a few meters away from the main school building, but there were no gym lockers. the players and students’ things are either piled up or cluttered on any random area near the wall. not a pretty sight if you would think about it, really.

from the cavalcade of archie’s stories (the twin swimming pools that they own wherein one serves as a shark habitat, the computer on the ceiling, the airconditioned ranch, the horses in boots, and the accidental rocket ship launching when he was a kid), the only plot that seemed believable is the one about the ousted school principal who corrupted the school funds to buy multi-million properties. according to archie, the principal who looks like a hairdresser took so much money from the school that they were not able to at least paint the graffiti laden walls and to set up wood lockers for students who carry loads of books each day.

thanks to archie’s dad, he was able to transfer before he went down the vacuum drain of their (physically and intellectually) deteriorating institution. he sure looks happier now. our school provides top of the line lockers that are most probably bought from there are lots of lockers for sale that are and durable and guaranteed at its best from the website.

like most people in the school, archie seems satisfied with his locker. his things are now secured, and the worry of carrying truckloads of stuff everyday is now passé. he can now safely secure his dark past inside his own locker.

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