procrastinating soul

the other boss alerted his audience, me and the other filipino officemate, to listen to his story.

in a voice loud enough to dominate the 15 empty rooms of the building, he narrated with enthusiasm like a professional orator.

“…the soul comes back to earth seven times until it is cleansed. when you die, your soul will come back to another body to be purified. it does not matter to which body you will be born again. you can never tell. but one thing’s for sure, your soul comes back to earth to be cleansed…”

reincarnation. it is interesting to hear the jewish views regarding this matter. i lack orientation regarding the subject. methinks i was under the influence of sleep when the highschool history teacher taught us the lesson about jewish beliefs in reincarnation.

“for example, you are a very very rich man and a beggar asked 20 dollars from you. despite the fact that you know you have more than enough money to spare for the beggar, you did not give him anything. so your soul is stained. you did not give, you failed to share. in your next life, your soul will most probably take the body of the beggar who begs for money. it is only until your soul realizes the value of the virtue of giving that your can be cleansed on that aspect.”

the soul needs to be cleansed before it comes out of the cycle and finally unites with god, the ultimate creator. the other boss said that souls usually come back to earth 7 times. his mother’s soul, according to him, has already reached the 7th cycle of her soul. she died on the exact date that her father died on the jewish calendar. the other boss’s mom is the only girl among the siblings. her other brothers died a long time ago without any sons. so technically, when she died, she was the last person to carry the last name of their father, which gives the other boss the conclusion that her soul has achieved cleansing.

back in college, a friend who claimed to be the grandson of a witch read the intersecting lines of my palms and said that i have an old soul. he said that my soul was present in the universe even before the angels and demons were conceived. how old can any soul get huh? i asked the guy about what or who could i have been during my past lives. he didn’t know. all he said was that my soul has experienced and saw a whole lot of things.

the other boss said that we have to be good persons to help cleanse the soul. the sooner the cleansing, the faster it unites with god. if this body possess such an old soul, then my soul is one great procrastinator. i do have high hopes to be born in a taller body next time.


Anonymous said...

that's it, i am gonna be a cockroach in my next life.

Meryl Ann Dulce said...

I think I'm still going to be a blogger in my next life. I'm in a constant fight with *coughs*. Hahaha.

I love the concept of reincarnation and the thought that our loved ones come back to watch over us. :)

At hindi ka daw makapaghintay sabi ng comment box ko. Hahaha.

. said...

An old soul can actually sense another old soul. :)

lucas said...

i see. so this is how reincarnation works..very interesting belief indeed...

now i'm preparing myself to be a mosquito...

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