mass starvation

as you bow your head down the towering shower head
you summon the spirits of the past and the future to convene with the present.

a meets z, j meets k, b meets c, y meets d and the list goes on, each one of them meeting each other, chatting, kissing, fondling, fucking, eating, and making pseudo intellectual discourses in that chaotic place you call mind.

you feel k’s passionate kiss on your lips as well as s’s soft whispers on your ears. your heartbeat starts to race against the troop of sweat beads trailing the valleys of your chest down to the hills of your stomach as you feel r embrace you from the back.

still in the limbo of making love with the alphabet, pleasure showers you as you do the han solo. no, it’s not merely doing the han solo, it is executing multiple muscle maneuvers to compensate the over excitement of the senses.

suddenly you hear j’s voice sending you long distance pleasure. then comes the choir of l, m, a, f, t, w, u and x. all of them, making love with you on air, via telephone.

you remember all the fucks. you remember how r fucked you by fucking another u. you see how you fucked c multiple times. multiple orgasms. multiple fucks. multiple 24/7 fucks. you miss the fucks. but you were insatiable and still fucked around that’s why she got tired and fucked another j. multiple fucks. now she’s fucking a g.
your legs become stiff, currents of electricity from the fornication of the past, present and future starts to flow from your toes up to your spine, sending your body into chills. yes, you are shaking. your nerves are rejoicing in ecstasy as your hands are fast commanding an ensemble of pleasure running all over your body, penetrating your soul, clouding your mind. your mouth first erupts with vowels. aaaaa ooo uuuu aaaa. then the consonants. f t m f w. then vowels. aaa ooo aaaa. fuck. the letters all came out.
then you recite the first five goddamn words of your year-
“damn i need a woman!”


Thysz said...

Damn, after that I think I need a drink!

Happy New Year Irvs~!

bulitas said...

happy new year thysz!!!


Don Miguel said...

oissssst WTF???

Don Miguel said...

happy new year sir sphit! happy new year to A through Z

Anonymous said...

pamilyar na pakiramdam ng mainit na katawan dahil sa alak. lolz

Anonymous said...

I had to reread it.. twice. and then I realized what the title meant.

lucas said...

i think every guy with a fucked up past and chronically single could relate to this one! haha! including me??? hahaha!
this post is genius...loved it :)

keep them coming, man!

Anonymous said...

no you don't, i :)

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