that big bang whatta fail

seriously i thought today is going to be a relatively warmer day, with all the simultaneous combustion and explosion of fireworks around the globe, but lo and behold it is 11.11°c cold and it still bites.

lesser fireworks explosion this year, most probably due to global economic recession and crisis.. or maybe, it is the collective heat of the new year festivities which melted the ice on the frozen regions of the planet that pushes the cold weather to embrace the souls going solo for work during the holidays.

i wish you a warm year ahead.


lucas said...

really? in laguna it looked like there's a fireworks olympics or was raining here but still the displays was really cool :)

drink coffee and cover yourself with a blanket..or hug your girlfriend! ahehe!

happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

me think you just need some alone time... to look back at the year.

happy new year.

bulitas said...

happy new year lucas and paolo!

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