pimpin' grandma

dear reader/s please do vote for this photo of my grandma for the 19th issue of JPG magazine

lola needs your votes

just click on the image and cast your vote.
this is her once in a lifetime chance to be published in a magazine.

help me spread the word.
let's vote for lola!


thanks mucho.


Anonymous said...

lola, you got my vote :D


lucas said...

wow...perfect shot...i'm definitely voting your lola! galeng galeng

bulitas said...

@tagabukid: uber thanks sir. apir!

@roneiluke: thanks thanks

Fritz said...

Have you read the guidelines? Entries must be submitted in hard format. No softcopies. Deadline is September 15 na! Ang lapit na nun! Let's do this!

Fritz said...

Mali ang pinag-commentan ko. Dun dapat yun sa kabila LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

bulitas said...

@fritz pansin ko nga.LOLOL
nag-comment ka kay lola!

yes let's do this!

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