art in site- design your own magazine cover

"for our first issue, we give you the cover of the magazine..."

which means you get to showcase your artwork, in whatever medium you want to use and in whatever form you like as long as it conforms to the required size, in the cover of the first issue of their magazine.
the publication will print 3,000 copies of their magazines with 3,000 unique covers which could include yours.

so if you are a filipino artist: writer, filmmaker, sculptor, painter, digital artist, photographer, jeepney painter, poet, essayist, choreographer, director, playwright, set designer, dancer, graffiti artist, novelist, composer, performance artist, or anybody with a filipino artistic soul, don't waste your time and register now.

just click on the image below to register.

submit your artwork now

super thanks to fritz @ fritzified (who rocked the recently concluded top ten emerging influential blogs of 2008 by digital filipino, by bagging the bragging rights as one of the top10. woohoo!) for informing about this opportunity to showcase my art. uber thanks!


Anonymous said...

is there any way that we could a get a copy of our artwork that has been featured on the magazine cover?

bulitas said...

hi anonymous!

do leave me your contact details and we'll talk about it.

Anonymous said...

i mean the copy of the magazine with our artwork featured as the cover. please email me at thanks much!

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