remembering sun tzu

somebody not-so-big once told me,

“you know what son, it’s not about what you know.

today, it’s all about who you know. remember that.”

i was insulted. i felt that my education was insulted by someone who thinks that her age gave her enough wisdom to know how the society works. i felt belittled by someone who breathes the conceited air of her high social status. she almost smashed the hopes and the foundations of a spirit that still believes in the power of reason and the credibility of the truth.

today i realized that she was right in some ways.

today, as i travel to work and see the products of deceit and greed around me, i realized that it is indeed about who you know that counts.

during these dire times where the language of money is more sacred than that of the breaths of truth from the hearts of men, you really have to know these people:

yourself and your enemy.

1 comment:

X said...

i think the saddest realizations are the ones that really get us, get to us.

but i say fight it, if you can. :)

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