your two scents worth

choosing a truth from the truths that you see can be hard and confusing as choosing a scent that you think will suit you best.

first you spray the scent to your left wrist, then another one to your right. you compare the two. your olfactory sense is excited by both perfumes. you then decide to try another another one. then you try and spray other options; could have been better than the first ones. then off you go to try some more, you don’t stop until you feel confusion foaming inside your head. every kind seems to smell the same as the other. suddenly, you realize that you cannot rely on your numb sense of smell so you resort to sight. you narrow down things according to the bottle’s appeal. you categorize the perfume according to the color of the liquid. after several minutes of sorting you give up and resort to reason. you start to rationalize which scent suits you based on the salesperson’s description of each product. you evaluate the scents based on the contents and the ingredients used in production. you feel your mind forcing you to pick based on its practical economic value. then you move around the counters of the store to take another look at the cavalcade of bottles and the myriad of scents before you. you still cannot decide which one best suits you. you try to smell your wrists, your arms, your shoulders, but you see the futility of the act. finally, you pressured yourself and relied on your gut feeling. you try to feel although there is actually no emotional connection between you and the bottles of perfume. you know you will pick the one that could give your heart a sudden jolt. your mind tells you to not pick in random, but your feelings tell you to listen to your heart. carefully, you run your fingers through each bottle as if it’s a woman’s body, then carefully, you breathe in. you run your fingers once again through the bottles, then you pick the bottle of eternity for summer. you carefully paint a smile to your face. you feel triumphant. for 20 minutes you were able to pass one of the hardest ordeals of your life. you are able to choose.

but you know deep inside you that you can never be certain if you choose the right scent until you use it everyday until the last drop.

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