of rants and roaches

Yesterday I went back to elbi to assist in the registration process of the students.
I checked on our apartment but I instantly got pissed off after I found out that the roommate I left in our place seemed to be breeding roaches.

Roaches are just coming everywhere! Under the sink, under the septic tank, in the cr, under your bed, on crevices in the ceiling, the're just all over te place.

I rummaged our cabinets for some insecticides but the roaches seemed to hide it from us. But although that's the case, those dirty insects just can't stop me from eliminating them, even if it requires me to kill them one by one.

I am then lucky to find a long stick to physically terminate and crush those bugs.
One by one, I folowed their traces, and one by one, I crushed their shells as hard as I could. As of now, I've exterminated over 15 roaches, not including their youngs whom I've flushed on the toilet.

It's really disgusting. I have to clean the whole place to make sure tat those creepy crawlers don't get their legs on me. Don't they ever screw with me coz I kill!

    Roaches wear their skeletons on the outside of their bodies.

    Cockroaches bleed white blood.

    Roach mouths work sideways.

    Roaches use their feelers as noses.

    The world's largest roach is six inches long with a one-foot wingspan.

    Some roaches are tiny and live in ant nests.

    Most species of cockroaches live in the tropics.

    Cockroaches have six hairy legs. The tiny hairs found on each leg give them their sense of touch.
    Cockroaches have 6 legs and least 18 knees!!!

    Pregnant for life? It doesn't sound like much fun, but some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives.

    No food for a month--not even a crumb? Roaches can go without eating for a month but will only live a week without water.

    It's hard to sneak up on a roach. They have one great big nerve connecting their tails to their heads, alerting them to danger from behind.

    Roaches have faster reflexes than humans--even faster than Michael Jordan's.

    Roaches can swim and hold their breath for 40 minutes. But they breathe through their sides--not their noses--which makes it tough to come up for air.

    You outgrow your clothes; roaches outgrow their skeletons. As roaches grow, they shed their external skeletons several times a year.

    No, it's not an albino. If you see a white cockroach, it has just shed its skin.

    Ever wonder how cockroaches climb walls? They are equipped with a set of little claws on their feet designed for that very purpose.

    Male cockroaches weigh less than female cockroaches, and males can fly and flee faster.

    Don't complain next time you have to swallow cough syrup. You could be taking a dose of cockroaches instead! Processed cockroaches have been used to cure illnesses and physical disorders for centuries.

    Next time you have trouble going pee, and your urinary tract just doesn't want to go with the flow, why not try dried and powdered Oriental cockroaches? They are said to make a dandy diuretic.

    If you're ever stung by a sting ray, remember to mash up a mess of cockroaches to apply as a poultice to the wound.

    A cockroach heart is nothing but a simple tube with valves. The tube can pump blood backwards and forwards in the insect. The heart can even stop moving without harming the roach.

    Female roaches produce an odor, called pheromone, that attracts males and drives them wild.

    When a male cockroach is interested in a female, he gives her a wrapped gift and takes her out to dinner--well, sort of. Males transfer sperm to females in a nice, "gift wrapped" package called a spermatophore. Some males cover the package in a protein-rich wrapping that she can eat (yum!) to obtain nutrients to raise her young.

    The Headless Horseman? Er... Horseroach? For a while anyway. A cockroach can live a week without its head. It only dies because without a mouth, it can't drink water.

    Cockroaches can crawl into some astonishingly small spaces. Young roaches need only a crevice .5 mm wide--or a space as thin as a dime. Adult males can squeeze into a space of 1.6 mm--or the size of a quarter. Pregnant females need the most space of all to hide: 4.5 mm or a space as wide as two stacked nickels.

    Some female roaches incubate their egg cases in their bodies until they are ready to hatch. These babies stay with their mothers a day or two after they are born.

    -roaches better thanks this site for its dedication on their lives. The facts made it sound like they're really powerful creatures. darn it!


Expecting the worst case scenario is always batter than expecting the best.
I got higher grades as I've expected, and I'm happy about it.

There are just so many insatiable people out there who kept on ranting about how low their grades were even if they already have an average of 1.5 or higher.

I'm so proud of kel, she's already classified as a senior!
va seƱora! Viva!

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