Sorrowful Sores of Sorry

"lahat nagkakamali, ganun na lang yun"
- a high ranking government official interview

Again, President Arroyo and her fellow constituents fell on the pit of a lapse in judgement.
Few days ago, the government's police force captured and tortured a wrong person because of a mistaken identity. The news says it all. Police troops got themselves a fraud intelligence report, thus, capturing an innocent business person in Mindanao.

After all the reported abuses, all the President and her officials say is sorry.

"Lahat naman nagkakamali."

Another sorry, for heaven's sake, is uttered under the name of a human rights violation.

First, the highest governing official in the country admitted her lapse in judgement; now, the police troops who caught the wrong fish released another sorry.

"Sorry" was never a derogatory word, not until these days when "sorry" was perverted by (un)credible people in the society.

The point of "sorry" when the morale and physical damage was done is to only
provide a temporary relief to the victim.

"aanhin pa ang pulis kung mag so-sorry na lang lagi!"
-a friend noted wheb we were discussing relevent issues

I do agree. What's the point of the laws and the policies created by authorities if they will be lenient in the implementation of such laws and policies?

If every lapse in judgement of any government official be rationalized by "sorry,"
things will be very chaotic, much chaotic; and it is happening right now.

The war in Encantadia or the war of Helms Deep will not suffice for the future chaos of this land if we will all succumb in the pit of a "sorry-lapse-in-judgement."

Better be careful, human rights violators easily inch their way out by merely explaining that certain events (human rights violations) tok place because of their lapse in judgement.

nakakatakot, baka isang araw may dumampot na lang bigla sa'kin sa kalye, bigla akong mapagkamalang terorista.

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