eons of echoes

The clamor of numerous girls swooning and drooling outside the big brother house for the cross-breed filipino raised in the american lowlands is defeaning.

So deafening was the colonized mentality of most of us that it echoed for eons in our history.

A filipina is mourning and fighting for her rights after perverted americans took advantage of her and raped her.

Her cries are barely heard and noticed by most people, especially her fellowmen, us.

It is one of the certain important scenarios where we must all unite as one big voice to crush the deaf walls of injustice in the country and overseas.

Now the american bastards are off their coast hiding under the veil of the manipulative power of their government.

Let us deaden the defeaning echoes of our colonized mentalities by supporting our fellowmen.

The mere simple deed of helping the another raped filipina victim in her battle cry and fight for justice is one big leap to lower the volume of the defeaning echoes of the past.


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