chat with a new yorker in los angeles

“cigarette prices in New York are twice as much as the prices here in LA. “

yeah. i know. it’s an expensive habit. still, people find ways to get their fix.

i could say that almost all of the new yorkers i know smoke.

what? oh, how many sticks? 10. i smoke about 10 sticks a day.

are you kidding me? that’s not a lot for a regular smoker. that’s actually less sticks than what average smokers smoke.


i remember being called as a rude and a liar one time when a homeless guy approached me and asked for an extra cig. told him i don’t have any. then he saw my stick and he got really mad at me.
hey, i didn’t completely lie. i mean, i really don’t have any extra cigarette stick for him.
man, i am possessive with my cigarettes. 

people and the things they do just to smoke.


what? don’t ever try it. it’s fuckin’ hard to quit.

at first i didn’t really like it but i dunno. i just can’t help but smoke every now and then.
like each time we have a layover and breaks during our flights, i smoke.
i smoke when i wake up. i smoke when i do the number two. what’s number two? ha-ha. it’s pooping. well i smoke after each meal. i smoke because it relaxes me in many ways. i smoke whenever i am tensed.

dude, it’s been a habit since i can’t even recall when.

(lights another cigarette)

do you know a lot of people say that you shouldn’t re-light an already lit cig. they said it will be bad for you. i don’t see the logic in that since cigs by default is already bad for your health you know?

i don’t give a damn. i will relight my cig whenever i want.

oh, here’s one thing i do when i smoke. i don’t finish it. yeah like whenever i feel like i don’t want it anymore, i just throw it away.

i don’t know why but i just don’t finish it anymore.

it’s making this already expensive habit more fucking expensive.
fuck it. man, i have money. so fuck it.

i have more sticks anyway.

(throws away his half-smoked stick)

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