i used to believe and say that time or the amount of time spent with anyone significant in your life is irrelevant. for me, what matters most is how u spend it.
quality over quantity.

that’s what i used to say to my ex whenever we talk about our time spent together.
going back to that scenario, now i think that saying that is selfish.

it’s selfish because i did not even consider the other person’s concept of time. you know, their definition of time, their grounds, their playing field, their concept of time, their perspective regarding quality time etc.

i mean 10 seconds of quality time may equate to long hours of comfort and hug to me but it may mean just 10 seconds or less to my partner.

you’ll just never know.

just my two cents.

i think leveling of the playing field, having a decent language and trying the best way to communicate and meet halfway is always essential.

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