shiny red balloon

after the horizontally challenged lady finished filing her nails on the train, a spilt second spark exploded in the afternoon and blinded the city branded with glittering stars.

its potent light spelling i-c-o-n-o-c-l-a-s-m sparked fireworks on top of a building in hollywood at around 6 in the afternoon where the sun is still a mighty lord over the sky.

it screams of the crime, the violence, the horror and the injustice of the city. ironically, it also screams of hope.

it happened before the night when a 30 foot long boa constrictor parades and slithers on top of the stars along the walk of fame.

the incident happened on the day when hotdog peddlers form a cavalcade of hotdogfest that transforms highland into a frying mexican hotdog fiesta.

everything happened so quick it’s like experiencing and reacting towards the horrors of the city then shrugging and forgetting about it afterwards.

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