boxer alter-ego

the overwhelming urge to punch someone straight in the face always occur to me whenever i see someone forcing, feigning and exaggerating a laugh while watching a not-so-funny movie that s/he have seen a couple of times just to please his/her partner.

the mere act of condescension reeks the aura of fake affection that i cannot comprehend.

why the hell do people do that to themselves? continuously forcing smiles even if the other party is not laughing at all, summoning a series of staged laughter with hopes to salvage the unfriendly atmosphere. it’s fucking pathetic.

it scratches my heart whenever i repress my desires to punch the oblivious partner- that insensitive creature who sits in comfort besides that person who has been trying her best to please him. i so wanted to punch the fucking idiot in the face, if only the other person would not protest and bitchslap me afterwards.

they are partners anyway. they must have had this cosmic understanding that one should act as the dumb pleaser while the other performs as the passive idiot receiver.

it’s just hard to see the other person going the extra mile down the line just to please her partner. and it’s even harder if it is your dear lil sister.


Unknown said...

I don't think it's condescension. I think its effort. But I don't think it should be applauded, though. I'll hand you that boxing glove. Your fourth and fifth paragraphs (they weren't spaced apart, love) have this surgical precision that I fucking adored. Love does make you do stupid things, like hang out with this artless, tasteless motherfucker, and you like doing it just because.

Apir, Bulitz!

bulitas said...

there, space inserted. :p

love? ano yun? kidding. LOL



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