hesus, the man behind the stocks

i first encountered the words online trading, stock trading, and mobile trading a few years back when i was at sacramento. the brother of justin, the big bro guy in there has been obsessed with those stuff so much that each time i see him, i always get something new from him.

the guy’s name is hesus. i think he’s an online broker now. probably handling ira accounts or something like that. tell you what, that guy is really hardcore and into some serious business. trading stocks is his passion and if you will just see how he’s enjoying it, don't be surprised if one day you get to convince yourself to join the club.

there’s this day when hesus referred me to, an online brokerage firm that allows customers to trade stocks, options, mutual funds, rtfs and fixed incomes at competitive costs. the rush of new concepts regarding stocks and trade to the head initially gave me a light headache, but with the help of hesus, and his encouraging energy and enthusiasm on the craft, most things get clear.

dealing with stocks and money may not seem to be my cup of coffee but i will definitely give this a try one of these days.

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